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Announcements for the week of May 31, 2021


“…Growing, Caring, Sharing”

The Life and Work of the Church

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Trinity Sunday

Ministry Focus Areas for Trinity:

Nurturing the Spirit, the Caring Journey, partnering for the Community, Funding for Ministry, Sharing Hope Locally and Globally.

We acknowledge that we live on the traditional territory of the Mississauga People of the Anishinaabe Nation. We acknowledge their stewardship of the land throughout the ages.

We extend a warm, friendly welcome to all!

Please note:

Please call the Church Office at (705)738-5135 if you need to pick-up something up in the church, to arrange an appropriate time.

All functions such as Committee and Council Meetings may be done by Zoom, as the church is closed due to the extended lockdown.

Please Remember in your Prayers Those at home, in nursing homes and in hospital who are facing illness, bereavement and other life challenges. If you need prayer or would like to be part of a prayer group, please contact the Prayer Circle in confidence at (705)738-5135 (church office). This week please pray for North Gower, East Central Ontario Region (ECO).

Birthdays for end of May & June!

In May are the following people celebrating: Jim Outram (May 30th). For the month of June: Mary Tomlinson (3rd), Joyce Poole (3rd), Vern Walborn (16th), Susan Hachey (20th), Ron Flett (24th), Jan MacInroy (26th), Yvonne Gibson (26th) and Ruth MacIver (28th). May God bless you this coming year!

Anniversaries for June!

Congratulations to: Rev. Rodney & Suzanne Smith-Merkley (9th), Ruth & Jim Schultz (11th), Jan & John Carson(14th), Nicolette & Erich Thomas (22nd), Joan & Morris Wesley (22nd), Connie & Al Picken (23rd), Anneke & Karel Beck (23rd 65 yrs.), Lorna & Andy Harris (24th) and Liz & John Dragstra (25th).

We would be pleased if you would…

provide us with your birthday and/or Wedding Anniversary date, so that we can acknowledge and celebrate with you your momentous day!

A request from our UCW ladies!

UCW ladies would like to make chili sauce again on Sept. 1st and Sept. 7th, 2021 --- IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO and hopefully by then, everybody will have had their 2nd vaccination. In anticipation of this, I am asking for donations of 500 ml Mason jars for this project. If you have any in your basement or garage that you can donate, please leave them outside the church and I will periodically pick them up.

Thanking you in advance, Olive Macoomb

Sunday’s Virtual Coffee Time…

will be taking place this Sunday, on May 30th at 11:00 a.m. and Steve Oliver will be hosting it on a different “Zoom” link below:

Password: coffee. Come and join us for a casual time of conversation and fun on Sunday’s at 11:00 a.m.!

Book Club – “The Jesus Sutras”

May 28th will be the next day for our Lenten Study, book entitled “The Jesus Sutras” written by Martin Palmer. The Chapters to be discussed will be pages 169 - 191. This will take place on “Zoom” every and we will send out the pages ahead of time for you to read. If you are interested in participating, please let Sue in the office know @

TrinityProvidence United Church is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: TrinityProvidence UC Book Club

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime on Zoom: Meeting ID: 840 9312 3868 Passcode: bc

Zoom in and meet the Author Martin Palmer, on June 12th – at 12 noon. He will be zooming in with us from London, England! All are invited to attend!

Trinity Reopening Update

A Reopening Committee was formed some months ago to study the feasibility of getting back into the church for regular services. We have been challenged by many changing factors such as: government regulations; the challenges of constant cleaning of all surfaces in the church; the people who would do this cleaning; distance seating as per current regulations, screening procedures, etc. At this time, especially because of the new provincial restrictions, it is impossible to project when we might all get together again. As a Chaplin in the Scarborough Health network, our Minister, Rev. Andrew, has seen first-hand the devastating effects of Covid 19. We must keep the health and safety of our church family as our main priority. We are most fortunate that Rev. Andrew has the technical background to provide our Sunday services on You Tube, our website and Facebook. We know that many closed churches are unable to record services and we are thankful. The Reopening Committee will continue with discussions as we develop a plan and are ready to reopen when it is safe to do so and “that date is in God’s hands”.

Respectfully submitted:

Dave Mackay and Connie Picken

You Tube services and music at Trinity & Providence

Please see the You Tube channel for all services and special music. The below will always be the Sunday service link as well as what is sent out every week on our “Friday’s File”.

This link is:

When you click on this link, click on the "video" tab at the top of the page and all of the Trinity YouTube music & services will pop up and then click on the one you wish to watch.


will be starting up again on Friday, September 17, 2021 via Zoom.

It was cancelled because Rev. Andrew Macpherson needed every Friday left to complete the “Jesus Sutras” for the book club, before Zooming with the author, Martin Palmer, on June 12th at 12 noon for a question answer period.


Perhaps now is the time to think about joining the United Church of Canada’s PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) monthly program to ensure your contribution to the churches ongoing expenses are met. With the continuance of COVID-19 protocols, eagerly awaiting vaccine shots and the reopening of Bobcaygeon’s Trinity/Providence United Church, the church’s expenses go on. If PAR is something you’d like to join, please contact Kim Draper at - or call her at 416-346-6902. The church accepts cash or cheques payable to ‘Trinity United Church”, sent to P.O. Box #426, Bobcaygeon, ON,

K0M 1A0and e-transfers as follows:

Procedure For E-Transfer:

1. Senders must sign-in to their bank account.

2. Click on the e-transfer icon.

3. The recipient is Trinity United Church.

4. The email address is:

5. Enter the total amount of the donation.

6. In the memo field, enter the specific designations of the

donation. E.g., For a $100 donation, general $70, M&S

$10, property $10, world development $5.

7. For the security question, use “church name”.

(do not enter quotation marks)

8. Answer “Trinity”. (do not enter quotation marks but use

capital T)

9. Send.

Another way is by PAR, which stands for Pre-authorized Remittance. It is a monthly donation program. You may contact Kim Draper @ or call her at 416-346-6902.

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