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150th Anniversary Choir
Our History- 

Trinity's History in Poetic Form

Written by:  Catherine Junkin

May we pause to reflect, and thus recognize

Accomplishments of our ancestors, their dedicated lives,

So many willing hands in the days of old,

Glorified God to the fullest with their labours bold.


This holds true many times we do recall,

Men worked together to paint Trinity’s halls.

God sees our labours, be they small or great

And the fellowship developing in challenges we take.


Anniversaries are shared keepsakes we do still hold

For the senior members and those new to our fold;

As we pause to reflect of what Trinity means to each one,

Some memories return to their Nursery time fun.


Early settlers responded to special needs at hand

For spiritual leadership in THIS, their new land.

They met in their homes, worshiping by candlelight;

Singing God’s praises late into the night.


In 1857 Methodism was established in our town,

Rev. Ash, a saddleback preacher rode up trails and down.

Soon local leaders began making great strides,

Three years hence a frame church building was their pride.


Smaller churches were established in the area too,

They’re fondly remembered by former members few,

Bethel, Zion, Eden, St. David’s and more.

Our Sunday School rooms bear these names on their door.


Twenty years later Trinity was enlarged, “twas clear”,

With a porch, windows, lath, plaster, and brick veneer.

Interesting to note pews purchased in 1879

Now found in our gallery, still look very fine.


Ladies always responded, and did their share

With deep Christian faith, they demonstrated much care.

Facilities then, left much to be desired

For quilting and suppers, as the wood stoves they fired.


It’s hard to imagine Trinity’s impact on the town,

With horses and buggies carting large families around.

Today we have Mary’s and Joyce’s; to name only two,

Still working together as Christ would have them do.


Congregationalists, Methodists and Presbyterians joined force,

In 1925 the adopted the UNITED course.

Our Latin emblem, “That All May Be One”’

Still relates to our timely Canadian Conundrum.


We honour former ministers, dedicated and true,

Working to accomplish what God wished them to do,

Many fond memories of them will ne’er depart,

From the special corners they won in our hearts.


Folks may recall Rev. Miller, strong on devotions,

And Rev. Hopkins, sharing his English notions.

Rev. White was friendly, a gentleman of the day,

All honouring God for blessings along life’s way.


Rev. Braham had visions of expanding Trinity halls

In ’64 the Fund Raisers were envisioning new walls,

Later this enthusiasm was put on hold for a while,

And expansion plans simply remained in a file.


Bev. Butler, a mild man, visited and gave pastoral care

With strength to individuals, he was networking there.

When he left, Mac McAuslan was our stabilizing force

With Biblical Knowledge contributed, he kept us on course.


A new manse was built for the next preacher man,

Soon Bentley’s moved in with five in their clan.

Ed’s enthusiasm we’ll remember, and Evangelism too

How he loved Baptisms, holding babes in full view.


I’d be remiss if at this time we railed to relate

Of the expansion, completed to Trinity in ’78.

A wing of office, kitchen, Sunday School and Sanctuary

Was dedicated that year at the November Anniversary.


Overwhelming was the funding and support you must hear

As the debt was completely wiped out the next year!

No record of dedicated hours of free labours remain,

But pride in accomplishment was the Church Family’s gain.


During Ed’s ministry many precedents were set,

Trinity Hall became Bethlehem, and at Christmas then,

Crowds flocked to share in this stable worship where

Live animals, birds and actors depict the Nativity there.


An Easter Sunrise service began in ’79,

Early risers attended and the weather was fine.

Proclaiming Jesus had risen again through prayer and song,

Then breakfast was enjoyed by the well chilled throng.


Over the years Sunday School has played a strong part

With memorization of Commandments engrained early in hearts.

Perhaps such roots affirmed their values sublime,

Giving strength to see justice, resist evils of the time.


Music has inspired worship all through the years

With strong senior choirs aided by junior dears.

Melodies ring out tenderly and with joy abound,

As anthems remind us of God’s care all around.


Let’s honour choir directors in their service of song,

Names too numerous to mention, but memories linger on.

Jim Dickson, Carol Smith made the organ from their hearts speak

And then Elva Simpson with a soft touch and manner so meek.


Numerous speakers we all remember well,

At times parishioners have caught forty winks, folks do tell.

We pray for God’s forgiveness and tolerance too,

Since they did choose to join in worship with you.


The Wiegand family arrived next, Larry, a golfing fan,

At funerals and weddings related well to all clans.

Poet Walter Murray came to rattle our chains,

In mission and service, he anticipated great gains.


September ’92 Elizabeth came to our charge,

A welcome went out from Bobcaygeon at large.

We awaited spiritual leadership from an Irish Canadian lass,

And in canoeing skills…do YOU guess she’ll pass?


At New Years, Ellijah arrived at Trinity

Now two ordained ministers to share responsibility.

This was the first attempt at team ministry.

It wasn’t the answer, we experienced controversy.


So ‘twas time to regroup and move ahead once again.

Bob Mattheson came, and for a short time held the rein.

Next John McKibbon was claimed to be man of the day,

But plans disintegrated; soon he went on his way.


Paul Boughton was summoned to calm turbulence here

And to assess needs for presbytery without fear.

His time passed quickly, soon a young man applied.

Allan Reeve was welcomed and new concepts he tried.


At this time refurbishing of the sanctuary took place

To paint walls, fix roof, give the room a new face.

A committee was struck and moved ahead with a plan,

Upgrades were deemed very satisfying to most of the clan.


Trinity Church has a special richness we must tell,

Retired clergy membership once four, now one serves us well.

These men devote their lives to further God’s plan,

Sharing their experience wherever they can.


Time promoted many changes in two thousand and ten,

Allan answered a call for George Street then,

So he moved to Peterborough and therein took the lead.

A committee was struck to fill Trinity’s need.


Many applicants responded to Trinity’s call.

They chose Rodney Smith-Merkley, both young and tall,

He arrived with wife Suzanne, and children three,

The focus became inclusive of Bobcaygeon’s community.


For six years, the shepherding of this flock he did take,

Reaching out to the Indigenous at nearby Curve Lake,

Committees have sprung forth, new leaders at the helm,

Sharing concerns both where they arise and when.


During Rev. Rodney’s sabbatical in two thousand seventeen,

A soft spoken newly retired man came on the scene.

Rev. Bob Root feeds our spirit in his gentle way,

Warming hearts with his sincere message on Sunday.


Now in 2020, Andrew Macpherson’s the man

To provide leadership to the Trinity Clan,

And this is our 160 Anniversary year.

We pray these celebrations can end with a cheer.


Time has dictated changes to Trinity membership galore

Through the years many new faces were welcomed at our door.

We grieve some members no longer here feel a need,

They’ll be valued Christians wherever their paths lead.


We also salute former members who are no longer alive

Praising God for contributions that helped Trinity survive.

Let’s thank God for these memories we all hold dear

As we seek His sustaining guidance in the coming years.


Changes are an immanent part of our human race

As the world changes we strive to keep pace.

We pray for sensitivity, tolerance and respect in our throng

As we explore more contemporary methods of worship and song.


As we gaze to the future filled with anticipation

Let’s draw strength from our roots and the Biblical nations.

Hold fast to our dreams, as Christ pilots from above

Let’s walk in God’s light in our service of LOVE.


Catherine Junkin

Written on Request for Anniversary in 1992

Revised and Updated in 2000, 2018 and 2020.



Words: Walter Murray

Music: “Home on the Range” (O Give Me a Home)


1.   Oh give me a place where a church glows with grace,

      and the old and the young like to play.

      May Trinity be where we all are set free

      and our faith is not cloudy all day.


Home, home in our church,

with no colours or creeds seen as wrong.

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,

and all orientations belong.


2.  At one sixty years our vision now clears

     while the COVID still plagues us like sin.

     Though Jesus once died and his followers cried,

     now his Spirit gives life deep within.


3.   Six churches around our Bobcaygeon were found

      in the Methodist faith way back when.

      They joined Trinity which is why we can see

      many changes occur now as then.


Home, home in our church,

with no colours or creeds seen as wrong.

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,

and all orientations belong.


4.   We now wear our masks as we carry on tasks

      that we once used to do face to face.

      Now ‘drones’ bring the cross as a comfort for loss.

     And we all find in Andrew God’s Grace.


5.   How often at night when the heavens are bright,

      we give thanks for our Trinity Strong.

      We celebrate now, and the Spirit shows how

      to continue creation’s Love Song.


Home, home in our church,

with no colours or creeds seen as wrong.

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,

and all orientations belong.


Editor’s Note: Walter says he knows there were 7 churches that joined Trinity,

but he needed a one syllable word!

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